Monday, August 16, 2010

MSC Cupcake Club - Triple Citrus Cupcakes

The 15th quickly snuck up on me again this month so it is time again for another post for the Martha Stewart Cupcake Club! Marthe from Culinary Delights chose the yummy Triple Citrus Cupcakes for our August posts. If you like citrus, these are just for you! I especially enjoyed the change from the buttercreams that are typically on our cupcakes to the simple citrus glaze that we used for these. This made them a lot faster to make as well!
The cake resembled a pound cake to me. There was lots of butter and eggs which are some of the main ingredients that go into my pound cakes. They ended up being a lot denser than I am typically used to with a cupcake as well.
I also loved how the recipe called for 3 different types of citrus zest. I quite honestly get tired of just doing lemon or just doing lime, so having the opportunity to do 3 at a time was great!
I halved the recipe as usual and made 18 instead of the 36. My office mates will be happy this morning. I warned some of them though, if you don't like tart and tangy things then avoid them at all costs!
Will I make these again? Probably not, but as always I had a blast trying out something new!


Bri said...

Youe cupcakes look so much prettier than mine! I just couldn't keep the glaze from sinking into the cake. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Diona said...

They look beautiful. I've never made a pound cake, but that's exactly what I was was like a citrus pound cake.

Kayte said...

Yes, indeed, I did make these, and I made them with Marte via Twitter, believe it or not as it was her pick and all. They were good...I thought they were a bit dry, but that could just have been me. The glaze was great, I love citrus as well...all three...should have been an over the top hit for me! At any rate, I didn't post yet (not sure if I will remake or not as I am pouting a bit about it all and the desire hasn't moved me) because the boys accidentally erased my photos from the photo card when they using my camera to shoot things they wanted to may be a remake, maybe not. It was fun see and hearing about yours, however, and they look great!