Monday, June 21, 2010

Amazing Chocolate Cake from The Pioneer Woman Cooks

**WARNING** If you are on Weight Watchers or any other program to lose weight...DON'T READ THIS POST!

I made this cake a couple weeks ago and I HAD to post it because it is that amazing! One of my pet peeves is a dry cake and this cake was nothing of the sorts. It is a rich chocolate cake with a cooked chocolate icing. You will notice from the picture that the frosting isn't thick and fluffy. It is more fudgy and you pour it overtop of warm cake while it is still hot. The frosting then seeps down into the cake and down the sides. You can see in this picture that some of the icing made it down to the bottom of the cake and oozed out. I am typing this out now and dreaming of the time that I MUST make this again.

I got this recipe out of The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond. You can access the recipe here. Ree makes this recipe in a large jelly roll pan. I made the cake in a 9x13 pan, so it was much thicker and I will definitely make it that way again.

Enjoy! Enjoy!


Kayte said...

Sounds and looks like something the guys here would love. (Confession: I don't like chocolate at all.) Thanks for tip on size of pan and adding the frosting warm to seep into the cake. Yep, guys are going to get this one soon.

Freckledear said...

*drool* Your creations are so dangerous Lori :)

-MaNut to NoNut- said...

OK, after months of looking at the recipe in the cookbook and then seeing your post about it, I finally took the plunge. Oh my word ... it is THE BEST!!!!!!!! Am sure this will be made many more times!!