Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Cupcakes

My nieces K5 teacher asked me last week to make cupcakes for the Happy Birthday Jesus birthday party that they had on Friday of this past week. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to go all Happy Birthday, Christmas decorations or all Religious so I decided to go with a little bit of all three. The Christmas tree is for Christmas decorations, the sprinkles are for Jesus' birthday and the other decorations are for Jesus' birth. I made angels, Baby Jesus in a manger, sheep, crowns and crosses.

They were a huge hit with the kids. They argued over who got which cupcakes.

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Margaret, Ben, Meredith and Jonathan said...

Hey Lori. I just found your blog from facebook. Great recipes! You must be an amazing cook. I've been in a recipe rut lately and your blog is just the thing to get me going again. I'm going to try your sausage and pepper penne this week! Enjoy the new year!