Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cinnamon Spiced Nuts

I love walking through some malls and/or a fair where they have booths set up with different vendors that sell various snack foods and smelling the yummy cinnamon scent coming from the spiced nut stand. There is something about a roasted pecan, almond or walnut with a cinnamon sugar glaze that smells amazing. I always enjoy getting a small bag of these roasted nuts when I have a chance.

I had some pecans on hand the week before last and decided that I would search for a recipe for Cinnamon Spiced Nuts to see if I can get anywhere close to the roasted ones that you can buy at various places. I used the recipe posted at Smitten Kitchen and it turned out really good! The nuts cooked perfectly and ended up light and tender. The glaze was perfect! I love a good combination of sweet and salty. These weren't too sweet for my liking, but they had a great blend of cinnamon, salt, and sugar. The only thing that I did differently from the recipe is that I used light brown sugar instead of dark brown sugar. I tend to not like a strong molasses taste.
So the verdict is that I will make these again. They make a great snack for work or at home. Unfortunately they didn't last long enough around my house for me to take them to work for too many days. My self-proclaimed nut hating Mom actually ate a snack bag full.

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