Monday, June 29, 2009

Food Lion Triple Coupons!!!

Okay so I hit the jackpot a couple weekends ago at Food Lion. They did triple coupons up to $.99. Amazing!!! lol. Here are my totals...

Total before sales and coupons - $270.00
Total after sales and coupons - $26.00...insane!
Here's the breakdown:

Tabasco - $.50 PROFIT/ea
WishBone Salad Dressing - $.58 PROFIT/ea
McCormicks Grill Marinade - $.81 PROFIT/ea
Alum (to make pickles with) - $.19 PROFIT/ea
Texas Toast Croutons - $.15 PROFIT/ea
Wortsheshire Sauce - $.25 PROFIT/ea
French's Mustard - $.05 PROFIT/ea
Mahatma Rice Packet - $.20 PROFIT/ea
Bounty - $.25/eaLarge Ragu - $.88/ea
Regular Ragu - $.09/ea
Sunny Delight - $.24/ea
Breyers Kids Yogurt - $.25/ea
Sure Deoderant - $.34/ea
Lipton Rice Packets - $.10/ea
Betty Crocker Warm Delights - $.25/ea
Poptarts - $.35/ea
Edwards Frozen Desserts - $.54/ea
Domino Sugar - $2.59/ea (not that great of a deal)
Manwich - $1.02/ea
Dole Pineapple Juice - $.89/ea
French's Honey Mustard - $.24/ea
Velvetta Mac & Cheese - $2.04/ea
Snyders Pretzels - $.74/ea

This was for my trips early in the weekend. I went again on Sunday and got another $100 bucks worth of groceries for $16. I sooo hope that they do this again but I am betting that they will be smarter about it this time.

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