Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow Day

On Monday we got clobbered by a snow storm. It was the most snow that we have had since 2000 and it was awesome! Not only was it beautiful...we got a free day from work out of it. This snow was the first snow at my new house which was totally exciting. The snow came overnight and when I woke up my room was bright because of the white of the snow outside. I love that it lights up the house like that. I got 11 inches at my house which is insane!!

I pretty much went right outside and shoveled my sidewalk because I was so excited to have the first snow at my house. (Yes, I know that I am a dork) Later in the morning I shoveled my driveway. Now that was a chore...

Maddie and Savannah came over later in the day and we went sledding down my hill. I don't have a real sled so we made a fake one out of a Rubbermaid Container lid down in an IKEA reusable bag. It worked awesome because we were able to hold onto the handle and pull them down the hill.

Needless to say, I didn't get ANYTHING productive done on Monday other than shoveling my driveway and playing with the girls. It was nice to have a throw away day like that. Now if we could only have more snows like that in the future.

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