Friday, March 13, 2009

Shopping Trip - 3/8/09

This week was awesome! I was especially excited about the toilet paper deal that I got. I got Scott 1000 count toilet paper for .25 a roll. That is insanely cheap! These deals are a combination of CVS and Walgreens. I am heading to Kroger tomorrow to shop so I hope to have some good deals for then too. Their ad was good. The question is just whether they will have the items in stock or not.

Here is the breakdown of what I paid for everything. It ended up right at $24.00. I saved around $100 total.

Scott 1000 Toilet Paper - $.25/roll
Kleenex Tissues - $.83/box
Arm & Hammer Detergent - $2.50/ea
Herbal Essence - $.38/ea
Secret Flawless - $.99
Vasaline Therapy Lotion - $.44/ea
Palmolive Soap - $.49/ea
Colgate Total Advanced - $.25
Crest ProHealth - Free
Colgate Total - $.62/ea (After I did the calc when I got home I wouldn't have bought this. I don't like paying more than $.25 for toothpaste)

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