Friday, October 31, 2008

My Memaw

Well it has been a really long time since I have posted something on this blog. My life has been absolutely insane and continues to be so. I finally moved into my house after what seemed like forever. The entire house process pretty much consumed my time over the past 2 months. (Pictures and post to come...)

The thing that my Family and I have been dealing with more over the past 2 weeks is the death of my Grandmother, who I called Memaw. Memaw had just celebrated her 80th birthday in August. She was one of the kindest and strongest people that I have ever known. She battled everything from diabetes, vision problems, hip problems, etc since I was in middle school. She continued to live on her own until the day that she passed away and it ceases to amaze me how she made it through the ordinary things in life when you take into account all of the cards that were stacked up against her.

On the Sunday before she passed, she began to have some chest discomfort and other pains in her arms and back. The Doctor set her up to have testing done on the following Thursday on her heart. While at the hospital doing the tests on Thursday, the Doctors quickly determined that she had had a heart attack. They were planning to admit her and do surgery that afternoon. While doing additional testing, she passed out and had another heart attack. They were not able to revive her.

I have never lost anyone this close to me in my life. I have truly never felt that kind of pain before...and I continue to have rough days. The hurt is nothing like I have ever experienced. I consistently talked to my Memaw when I was driving in he car...even if it was for hours at a time while I was traveling on vacation or to visit my best bud, Elisabeth in PA. Not talking to her on the phone has been the hardest thing for me to adjust to and I don't think that I have still gotten over that.

It was no secret that Memaw loved her family and friends. She was so proud of all of us. She would worry and fuss over me when she didn't like something that I had planned or was doing. She always asked about her great grandkids...she loved them sooo much. I hate that they will not be able to grow up knowing her.

There are many things that I will remember my Memaw by. These are just a few and are in no particular order:
- My phone conversations with her. I miss them so much already.
- Taking her to lunch/dinner and then pushing her around in her wheelchair in the Mall.
- Her teaching me how to bake. I am so thankful for this because I am able to now carry on the traditions that she had.
- How she played the piano
- Her coming to a movie with me years ago and sitting through it even though she couldn't see it.
- How happy that she was at her 80th birthday party.
- How much pride that she took in her family.
- How she called me Precious.
- How she always said, "Well Louise!!" when she messed something up or couldn't see something.
- I will always remember her coming to my house and seeing it the week before she died. You can't imagine how thankful that I am that she got to see it.

Memaw was a very special lady to many people. She is going to be so missed. I take comfort in knowing that I will see her again one day. I pray that God allows for me to be as strong and loving as she was. She was a true blessing on my life.