Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My House

I am building a house. I am so excited but scared at the same time. The opportunity came up recently for me to get an acre of land. It is beautiful land I might add. The lot is fully wooded with large trees that will provide me shade and privacy throughout the year. The land slopes just enough where it will give me a nice walk out basement. Last week my builder started clearing the land and he dug the basement yesterday. It is amazing now fast that the entire process progresses...once you start that is.

So take a look!


After Clearing...

Till next time...lots more to come.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Memaw's Favorite

My grandmother (Memaw as I call her) has been a diabetic since I was in middle school. Years ago it was hard to find good sugar free desserts for diabetics. You were basically limited to fresh fruit and jello. These days, the options have expanded quite a bit. You can get sugar free ice cream (that actually tastes fairly good), cookies, cakes, candy, etc. I have tried some different recipes for her in the past few years. Some were successful and some were not. I made her a sugar free amaretto cheesecake last year that was really good. I will post that later on...

Last year I was having Memaw over for dinner and I wanted to make her a sugar free dessert to have that we would all enjoy. I came up with this recipe that people have loved. It is very simple and you absolutely can't tell that it is sugar free...which is the point I guess. You can either do this in a 9x13 dish or in a trifle bowl, which I did here. I do have to say that the trifle bowl is definitely the prettiest way to do it.

I hope that you enjoy!

Memaw's Favorite Sugar Free Dessert

- 12 sugar free white chocolate macadamia nut cookies (I get these at the Wal-Mart bakery)
- 8 oz block of cream cheese (softened)
- Container of Sugar Free Cool Whip
- 1 large box Sugar Free - Fat Free Instant Vanilla Pudding
- 1-2 bags frozen mixed berries (usually takes 1 1/2 bags)

- Make pudding per directions on box.
- Blend cream cheese with hand mixer until very soft
- Add in pudding, 1/3 at a time and mix to blend between each addition so that you do not get clumps of cream cheese
- Add Cool Whip and mix until combined
- Crumble cookies in the bottom of the dish. If using a 9x13 pan, put all cookies in the bottom. If using a trifle dish, put half of cookies in the bottom.
- Spread pudding mixture ontop of the cookies. If using a 9x13 pan, put all of the mixture on the cookies. If using a trifle dish, put half of the mix ontop of the cookies
- Put berries on top of the cream cheese mixture. If using a 9x13 pan, put all berries ontop, If using a trifle dish, put half the berries on the layer.
- If using a trifle dish, layer the last of the cookies, pudding mix, and berries
- Keep refrigerated until ready to serve

**This would be great with other types of berries. We like the mixed because you get a little bit of everything. You could only do blueberries, strawberries, etc.

**I have also made this in the past with Sugar Free Chocolate Chip cookies when I couldn't find the white chocolate macadamia.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Beginning

So I have been thinking about starting a blog for a long time. I definitely enjoy reading other peoples blogs so why wouldn't I like writing my own? Of course, then the inevitable doubt creeps in saying, "Lori, why do you think that someone wants to read about your life?" or, "Are you worried that someone will think that you are weird after reading what you wrote?" Part of me says, who cares? I find my life interesting in its own random way.

I am a 27 year old female from Lynchburg, VA. I find enjoyment in the simple things of life (I have to in order to live in Lynchburg and actually love it). I love to cook (thus you will find as this blog will probably be half filled with my favorite recipes), am into making cards, love photography, traveling, books, and spending time with my family and friends. Two of my favorite people in the world are my neices (more of them to come). I love them so much!

I am a Project Manager at Liberty University. I have worked there for over 5 years now. The primary thing that I do is manage the implementation of one of the software system at the University. This year I got the new "adventure" of helping manage Commencement. This was definitely much different than managing software...but very fun!

We are all making it our own way through life one day at a time. We all enjoy and excel at different things. This blog is a small look into the random things that make up my life. I do not claim to be the best at grammar, spelling, or keeping you totally captivated. This is just me...I hope you enjoy.

Till next time...